Work Plan


Extraction processes optimisation and validation, and characterisation of active substances with biocidal activity


This WP aims to characterise the active substances with biocidal activity from extracts obtained from different raw materials, and optimise and validate the extraction processes needed for their isolation, based on a pharmacological approach. The result of this WP would be the comprehensive characterisation of the target active substances with insecticidal, nematocidal and fungicidal properties, as well as the optimisation of the exhaustively controlled extraction processes for the later scaling up. The results of the characterisation will be used as an essential part of the dossier needed for the active substances registration at a further stage.


Optimisation of the raw material production from domesticated plants under Southern climatic conditions


The aim of this WP is to optimise the production of Samo plantations in Almeria, in some high areas which with climatic conditions similar to the ones in Zaragoza (North Spain). These areas were formerly wine yards, and they are currently unused. In addition, it will be also possible not only to reproduce these plantations, but optimise them as well, as former studies have revealed that there is room for increasing the crop yield when fertigation is used.  This way, KIMITEC will ensure the raw material supply in the near future, being able therefore to comply with the market demand, and contributing at the same time to resources efficiency and green economy reinforcement, as well as to the regional economy promotion.


Technical design, up-scaling and optimisation of the pilot plants


The objective of this WP is the up-scaling and the establishment of the overall technical designs of the BLOSTER pilot plants for their demonstration and optimisation at KIMITEC facilities.  Once the pilot plants are constructed and installed, a protocol for its testing and the overall performance evaluation will be implemented.  The knowledge gained during these tests will be looped back for the further optimisation and for the life cycle assessment and cost benefit analysis in WP6.


Biopesticides final formulations


The objective of this WP is to design the final BLOSTER biopesticides commercial formulations: 3 bioinsecticides against thrips, aphids and white fly, 1 bionematocide against Meloidogyne javanica and 1 biofungicide against Botrytis, to be used for tomato and peppers’ plantations.


Field tests on site


This WP is devoted to testing the biopesticides produced at real scale, directly in the field with real tomato and peppers’ plantations. This will demonstrate the efficacy of the products against the target pests on the chosen crops. The biopesticides harmlessness for the environment and the human being, contributing this way to the circular economy, will be tested at real scale.


Life Cycle Assessment, Cost Benefit Analyses and registration/certification processes


The major task of this work package is to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to evaluate the potential impacts associated with already identified inputs and outputs and interpret the results to help establishing a reasonable solution. To complement the LCA, a detailed cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) will be carried out. In addition, the registration processes will be launched for the target markets to encourage the successful penetration in the market of the biopesticides, as well as the actions to get the needed certifications to allow their use in Organic Agriculture.


Market entry and exploitation activities: support market replication of biopesticides use


The purpose of this WP is firstly to ensure the full exploitation of the project results and to reach the expected market share once the project ends. And secondly, to disseminate the project results into relevant stakeholders (investors, industry, authorities, farmers etc.) in order to raise awareness about the importance of the use of biopesticides and overcome the barriers identified for market penetration.


Project management


The main objective of this work package is to ensure the smooth running of the entire project. It comprises all the management activities and will be carried out along the entire project duration, in parallel to the other work packages activities. It will further ensure that all aspects of the European Commission requirements for communication and reporting are achieved and that the IPR is properly managed.