About Kimitec
KIMITEC GROUP has a passion for breaking established limits and developing innovative solutions to generate a solid basis to recreate the present for a better future. This vision guides our group of companies to work for “going back” to nature through biotechnology research at the service of nature. The basis of the development of our products (biostimulants, biopesticides, probiotics, etc.) focuses on four areas: botany, microalgae, microbiology, and green chemistry. The synergy of these 4 sources of natural raw materials results in bio-products with a level of performance equal or superior to those offered by conventional synthesis products, and without undesirable effects for both human health and the environment. The natural origins of the raw materials and their biotechnological processing break the preconceived idea that products of chemical origin are more effective than natural products. The results of our work ensure innovative, effective, homogeneous, and healthy solutions without detrimental effects on the human being and the environment.
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